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Team DECiBEL | 14 May 2020 | 49.88 GB

两年前发行《 Dominus Choir》时,我们已经期待以新功能丰富它。其中,有可能以英语唱歌,Marcato和Staccato发音。现在,我们可以说我们已经成功完成了任务。

这次,保罗牢记了如何唱出合唱团库的完美画面,确切地知道如何获得最佳效果。马里奥·拉纳罗(Mario Lanaro)最初的采样经验到那时已成为一台真正的采样机,他以积极的态度和对细节的关注,始终努力从歌手中汲取最好的东西。合唱团本身,将采样的奇特体验与新挑战的刺激完美融合。

从一开始,在Dominus Choir Pro中,我们就特别注意建立与Dominus Choir完全相同的录音设置。此外,采样之日充实了Simone Mor和Matteo Melchiori(现在是FluffyAudio的稳定部分)带来的坚实支持。

While releasing Dominus Choir two years ago, we were already looking forward to enrich it with new features. Among them, the possibility to sing in English and Marcato and Staccato articulations. By now we could say that we successfully accomplished the task.

This time, Paolo had in mind the perfect picture of how the choir library would have sung, knowing exactly how to achieve the best result; Mario Lanaro, from its first sampling experience had by that time become a true sampling-machine, with his positive attitude and attention to detail, always striving to pull out the best from the singers; the choirs themselves, with the perfect blend of experience of the oddities of sampling and the excitement for the new challenge.

From the very beginning, in Dominus Choir Pro we paid particular attention to build up exactly the same recording settings of Dominus Choir. Moreover, the days of sampling where enriched from the solid support brought by Simone Mor and Matteo Melchiori, now stable part of FluffyAudio.

Again, a big thank you goes to the two conductors of the wonderful choirs we sampled, Mrs. Jose Borgo and Mr. Maurizio Sacquegna, Female Vocal Ensemble “La Rose” and Vocal Ensemble “Novecento”; to our dear Pietro Pasquini, to Mario Lanaro and to all the people who once again supported us during these years.

…What more? We can just say that Dominus Choir Pro literally “speaks” or better “sings” for itself!

“Dominus” in latin means “Lord” or “Master”. This word can be heard in many examples of sacred Christian Music.

Despite its noble origins, the choice of the name “Dominus” was actually inspired by Dominoes, the popular game that dates back to 13th century China and which spread out to Europe five centuries later.

In facts, the way the engine works resembles this ancient game. In Dominoes you connect the different tiles according to their value. Dominus Choir utilizes an engine which intelligently connects the different syllables by the vowels which both precede and follow the consonants.

The vowels are the glue that holds the words together. This system keeps the musicality and the realism of the original sessions intact, but also gives the user complete control over the duration of each part of the words built with the word editor.

The same system flawlessly works under the score in Dominus Choir Pro, taking care to smooth the transitions between the various syllables.

In addition to this, Dominus features beautiful true-legato transitions for all the vowels in the library, capable of dealing with movements from the softest to the strongest dynamics, and, an intuitive polylegato engine that simply works as it should.

Staccato and Marcato articulations
4 Stereo Mic Positions
54 GB installed (compressed in NCW format)
24 bit / 48 kHz stereo
Innovative and smooth engine with easy to use GUI
True Legato for all vowels
Monophonic and Polyphonic mode
Complete control over the duration of each syllable
346 syllables for Legato Articulation
60 + 60 syllables for Marcato Articulation
60 syllables for Staccato Articulation
3 keyboard layouts
Sampled in a warm hall
200+ premade words
13 Reverb Presets
ability to sing in different languages
Velocity Lock for precise tweaking of each note
No unnecessary controls: instant fun!
Many bottles of wine drunk with the male choir
– Full version of Native Instruments Kontakt 5.8.1 or above is required
– Windows XP / Vista / 7. Intelmac and Mac OS 10.5 or higher.
– 4 GB System Ram, 53 GB (library) + 53 GB (installation) = 106 GB free on the same HD

请使用 KONTAKT 5.8.1 或更高版本打开

Home Page – https://www.fluffyaudio.com/shop/dominus-choir-pro/


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