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CHH Pro Complete是Brass&Woodwind乐器的最完整的虚拟乐器库,可用于爵士,流行,大乐队,放克的制作,也可用于增添电影和管弦乐的音色。 使用CHH Complete,您可以得到54个独奏和32个横断面乐器,分为四个卷,其中包含彼此完全匹配的不同乐器组。 克里斯·海因(Chris Hein)的库在其最新的专业版更新中首次亮相,可以实现速度之间的完美融合。 此过程可优化相互依存的样本,并允许从钢琴到强音的柔滑平滑的速度淡入淡出。 使用仪器的全部动态功能来创建生动的演奏。

There have never been computer-created, yet nuanced instruments like these!
CHH Pro Complete is the most complete virtual-instrument library of Brass & Woodwind instruments for Jazz, Pop, Big-Band, Funk production but also for spicing up your cinematic and orchestral tracks. With CHH Complete you get 54 Solo- and 32 Section-Instruments, divided into four volumes which contain different groups of instruments perfectly matching each other. With its latest Pro update, Chris Hein’s library debuts phase-synchronised samples for perfect blends between velocities. This procedure optimises interdependent samples and allows silky smooth velocity crossfades from piano to forte. Use the instrument′s full dynamic capabilities to create a vivid performance.
Whats new in CHH Pro:
– New C-Flute Instrument
– The new C-Flute was deeply sampled in great detail and a variety of playing styles such as Non Vibrato, Vibrato, Singing and even Shakuhachi Style. This instrument adds a different colour to the palette
– All new Graphical User Interface
– The all new user Interface makes tweaking and editing a breeze. Sculpt the sound of the instrument and define exactly how it reacts to your playing
– Phase synchronised samples for perfect blends between velocities
– All Sustain Samples and some other articulations got phase-synced. This procedure optimises interdependent samples and allows silky smooth velocity crossfades from piano to forte. Use the instrument′s full dynamic capabilities to create a vivid performance
– Extremely customisable Articulation Presets including copy paste feature
– The articulation presets are now even more customisable, using the latest features of the Kontakt engine – for example the time machine and the transient designer. Individually control speed, panorama, volume, transpose and many more parameters of each instrument’s playing style
– New Key-Switch preset management
– We re-invented the management of key-switch presets. Each setting of a preset can now easily be copied to any other preset. You can even save all presets of a patch, including your personal key-switch preferences, and import them into another one. Save time and organise key-switches the way you want them
– New flexibel Hot-Key management
– Articulations can be unloaded to save memory
– Improved Ram Management. All articulations and ram-demanding effects can be loaded or unloaded individually. Remove unused articulations and switch off ram-demanding effect settings to free up memory and keep the memory footprint as low as possible
– Speed Change for all articulations
– The speed of all articulations can be adjusted individually. This is not only useful for the time-depending articulations like Crescendo, Runs or Falls. Also sustains, shake and trills benefit from the time adjustment, because it changes the attack and the general sound of the sample
– There are now five different velocity X-Fade Modes providing you with maximum flexibility to control the dynamic of the instrument. Play realistic Crescendi and Swells locked to the song tempo using the two new Auto X-Fade Modes
– Velocity Fade Filter
– Transient Designer

Chris Hein Horns Pro Complete KONTAKT screenshot- New Effects: Attack Shapes, Air, Noise, Release Effects
– The new effects are perfect to dial in liveliness. Add up to three layers of different Attack Samples to give your sound more punch or dirt, or blend in sounds of playing-noises and air flowing through the instrument to bring it closer to the listener
– 16 new Convolution Impulses for Reverb
– CHH Pro contains 16 additional Convolution Impulses of reverbs. Place your instruments on a scoring stage or play them in a small room
– Improved Key-Vibrato
– Two independent, intelligent LFO-Vibrato types
– Auto vibrato
– Auto Vibrato uses musical values, based on the song tempo, to blend in natural modulation of tune and volume
– Assignable Pitch-Bend
– Popular playing styles like falls or shakes are now assignable to the Pitch-Bend Wheel. Trigger these effects intuitively without having to remember key-switches
– iPad & iPhone real time remote controller
– Based on Hexlers TouchOSC we programmed a real time controller for all features in CHH-Pro. Instead of fiddling with CC data in your DAW, you just record the automation data from your iPhone or iPad

Due to highly intelligent programming the solo instruments can easily be combined to small or large sections via section mode. Several “out of the box” section instruments are also included. The intuitive user interface is mainly focussed on best playability. Various legato and glide-mode features allow very realistic note transitions, while outstanding new functions like key-vibrato, hotkeys and the revolutionary new key-switch concept are essential for live performance.
All instruments obey the same concept, so once you know one, you know them all. Each volume contains solo-instruments as well as section combinations.
Every instrument was played by famous big-band musicians in separate sessions but to one another, which results in perfect harmony of the sections and allows maximum flexibility for the producer.

General Features:
– Chris Hein Horns is an outstanding brass instruments sample library
– aprox. 2.000 Samples per instrument
– about 80.000 Samples (~44 GB Content)
– 18 different playing techniques
– All playing techniques in one programm
– Up to 8 Velocities per note
– 72 control-features in 11 edit-pages
– 6 DSP Efx
– 21 high class convolution reverbs
– Key-Switch Presets, Hot-Keys, Key-Vibrato, Legato- and Glide-Mode, Growl-Control, and more
Articulations – The large amount of up to 38 articulations is what makes “Chris Hein – Horns” so realistic. All articulations can be assigned over 18 keyswitch-keys, located on the lower notes of the keyboard. Access to every articulation is made possible via an intuitive combination of keyswitches and midi-controllers.

Key-switches – ‘Keyswitching’ is an elegant way of enabling the user to directly and immediately access different playing techniques from within a single patch. It uses pre-programmed MIDI notes to instantaneously switch between different articulations, meaning it is no longer necessary to reload each variant individually. The keyswitches themselves are only controller keys. They make no sound, but instead are used to switch the entire group of samples which the main instrument keys trigger.

Key-switch Presets – Usually key-switches just switch between different fixed articulations or other pre-programmed sound variations. In CHH Vol1 the keyswitches are used to switch between complex sets of presets with 21 adjustable parameters. There are 18 Key-Switch presets available. The KS-Presets are allocated to C0 – F1, in the lower area of your keyboard. You must press the keyswitch before playing actual notes. The switchover occurs instantly without any time lag.

Pressing a key between C0 and F1 on your keyboard has the same effect as turning the KS-Preset knob in the GUI. You can also assign the KS-Presets to any midi controller in the CC-Settings page. The selected articulation is displayed on the left side of the GUI. All parameters on the settings page, except Vib. Vol, Vib.Tune, Crescendo-Speed and Glide-Speed are adjustable parameters which are stored in the KS-Presets. If you make changes to any of these parameters, they are automatically stored in the KS-Preset. To permanently save the KS-Presets, simply save the whole instrument.
Instrument Content

Solo-Instruments (Vol 1)
4 meticulously sampled solo instruments with more than 4.000 samples and up to 38 articulations in 20 different velocity zones.
– 1 x alto sax solo, 1 x tenor sax solo, 1 x trumpet solo, 1 x trombone solo, 1 x trumpet section, 1x C flute

Brass & Woodwind Sections (Vol 2)
This volume perfectly complements the solo brass instruments. You can now realise almost every form of orchestration containing brasses.
– 3 x alt sax, 2 x tenor sax, 2 x baritone sax, 4 x trombone, 2 x bass-trombone, 3 x sax section, 3 x trumpet section, 3 x trombone section

Muted Brass (Vol 3)
A unique user interface with 72 control features on 11 different edit-pages. Offering all sorts of sound and playability shaping possibilities.
– 8 x muted trumpet, 8 x muted trombone, 7 x trumpet section, 5 x trombone section

More Brass & Woodwinds (Vol 4)
– Eb-clarinet, Bb-clarinet, bass-clarinet, contrabass-clarinet, 2 x soprano sax, bass-sax, contrabass-sax, 4 x flugelhorn, 2 x F-buba, cimbasso, alphorn, 16 solo-instruments & 10 section-combinations

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