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Team DECiBEL | 02 Nov 2020 | 4.21GB

Symphonic Shadows is a library born in the shadows of nightfall. A dark orchestral library containing over 7,000 unique aleatoric effect samples.

The library comes with three distinct orchestral sections. First, the fiery tones of a 40-piece String Orchestra (12, 10, 8, 6, 4), and then an isolated 10-Piece Low String Section with six Cellos and 4 Basses. Next, the piercing sound of an 11-piece Brass Ensemble with four Horns, two Trumpets, three Trombones and two Bass Trombones. Last, but by no means least, a sonic hurricane in the woodwind ensemble containing one piccolo flute, one alto flute, and two flutes. As well, two clarinets and two bassoons.

Symphonic Shadows follows the aleatoric tradition we established with our CAGE (Concert Aleatoric Group Effects) library. The two can cruise side by side. However, Shadows is more than just orchestral samples. It balances the twilight zone between conventional sampling and musical sound design. All the content was designed around our custom user-interface-allowing for fast, intuitive and powerful sound design.

Symphonic Shadows was initially designed and recorded by 8Dio producer, Olaijde Paris (Scream Series) and later refined into one single library by the 8Dio team and Academy Award, TEC and G.A.N.G Award-winning composer, Troels Folmann.

The majority of the library comes with three microphone positions: Room, Spot 1 and Spot 2, all designed for playability and ease-of-use. All articulations and playing styles are easily accessible from our built-in browser system and just a single click away.

We’ve also included a new dual-layered FX system, the first of which is our front-face system, which gives you control over a trance gate, filters, pitch, delay, compression and our new textural convolution delay. The new textural convolution allows you to take dozens of further impulses and use them as delay components. We have also included our new Chaos FX engine, which gives you control over things such as EQ, phasing, distortion, stereo delay and an additional impulse reverb.

Strings, Brass and Woodwinds
Symphonic Shadows contains over 7,100 aleatoric FX samples spread out over string, brass and woodwind ensembles. The effects have a wild, gritty and organic quality and are designed to sit well with any orchestral libraries of your choice. The patch banks come in many different descriptive categories such as: agitated, bends, bursts, clusters, dystopic, erratic, evolving, fierce, frantic, fury, kinetic, mayhem, panic, pulse, savage, scatter and shocked, to name a few.

Symphonic Shadows comes with a custom designed built-in browser. The browser offers you access to any articulation with a single click. All string, brass, and woodwind patches in this collection are created this way, with the idea of giving you immediate access to anything you want with a single mouse click. We want to shorten the distance between your thought and your creation.

New Front-Faced FX and Chaos FX
Symphonic Shadows contains two parallel FX systems. The first one is our new front-faced FX, which allows you to control the most fundamental effects from the front panel (e.g. dynamics, filters, pitch, delay, crusher and our new effect, textural delay). You can also go deeper with our new Chaos FX system, which includes step-based filtering, EQ, bit-crusher, distortion, dual stereo-delay and an additional convolution system on top of our custom textural convolution delays.

Three Ensembles in One Library
Anthology is not a sample library. It is a statement. A statement of emotion and intention. Everything about it is designed for the heart. From the gentle, fragile sounds of pianissimo with divisi cellos, to the soaring legato of ensemble violins. From the sentimental vibrato of the solo violin to the hauntingly loving cries of our solo cello; the emotional strokes of our dynamic arcs, to the feathery strokes of spiccato. From the dramatic intention in the marcatos to the warmth of pizzicatos. And from the tremolo, trills, and sordino, to give you chills. Everything about Anthology is emotion. Not only in sound, but in the DNA of the design deep in the code.

Textural Convolution Delay
Textural convolution delay is a new way of using convolution to create textural delays. The idea is to use non-conventional convolution impulses to augment the existing sound. So when the instrument delays you will not just get an average delay of the instrument, but also get the delay and texture of the impulse. This concept is called textural convolution.

Kontakt VST / AU / AAX
7.141 Samples. 11.9GB HDD (compressed to 4.2GB)
3 Advanced Microphones Positions (Mixed, Spot 1 & Spot 2)
3 Separate Sections (Strings, Brass & Woodwinds)
Custom Browser w/ Built-In Articulation Matrix
Custom User-Interface w/ Built-In FX and Sequencers
Custom Convolution, Microphones, EQ and Chaos FX
63 Presets. Including DFD and Time Machine Patches
Product only available as Direct Download
Full Retail Version of Kontakt 5.5 (or later) Required

– Full Retail version of Kontakt 5.5 or later required
– Not Compatible with Free Kontakt Player
– 4.2GB of harddrive space
– Ability to download
– PC Quadcore / 2.4GZ+, 8GB ram
– MAC Quadcore / 2.6Ghz, 8GB ram

请使用 KONTAKT 5.5 或更高版本打开

Home Page – https://8dio.com/instrument/symphonic-shadows/


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