Vir2 Instruments Acoustic Legends HD KONTAKT – 世界上最好的原声吉他

Vir2 Instruments最近推出了一套价值40000美元的Acoustic吉他類音色的取樣音源,基于康太克2PLAYER使用,19G的原声吉他采 样,采样达到24 bit/94kHz,独立运行的时候有64轨通道,作为插件运行的时候有16轨通道,内置了EQ, reverb, and stereo width 等控制,最高32单声道输出包括了各種彈奏、悶音、泛音…等等的取樣在其中。除了有多款名琴的音色(Taylor, Gibson, Martin)外,還有尼龍吉他、曼陀林、Ukulele、斑鳩琴等等的音色。

Included in the library are several different steel string guitars, nylon strings, twelve strings, acoustic bass, as well as a bonus folder featuring mandolin, ukulele, and banjo. Acoustic Legends HD features the world’s best guitars from McPherson, Taylor, Gibson, Martin, and other manufacturers.

Also featured are numerous bonus patches of special effects, doubled guitars, and more. Acoustic Legends HD also features chord banks containing twelve different chord types in varying positions, with multiple velocity layers and multiple takes per layer, and with both up-strokes and down-strokes, making it simple to create fully authentic rhythm guitar part*. **perience legendary acoustic guitars, sampled in gorgeous detail and now available in one exquisite virtual instrument.

19 gigabytes of acoustic guitars
24-bit, 96kHz samples, utilizing the finest in high-end microphones and preamps, sampled in thorough detail including release layers, fret noise, finger noise, and more
Numerous articulations and styles of playing, including finger picked, plastic picked, harmonics, harmonic chords, mutes, single notes, and chord banks
Massive chord instruments, both 6-string and 12-string guitars, featuring 12 different chord types, optional capo control, down- and up-strokes, mute strums, and body knocks, making it possible to create authentic rhythm guitar strumming patterns
Multiple and contrasting guitars sampled within each folder, including 2 different nylon-stringed guitars, 7 different steel-stringed guitars, 2 different twelve-stringed guitars, etc.
Variation patches for each guitar, including delays, phasers, choruses, flangers, compressors, and unusual effects
Bonus content including acoustic bass, banjo, mandolin (single notes, chords, and tremolo), ukulele (single notes and chords), and guitar effects (body knocks, fret noise)
Bonus special effects content featuring dozens of unusual sound design patches, based upon the sample sets of the acoustic guitars but warped in unique and musically distinct ways
Optimized onscreen EQ controls
Easy-to-use built-in reverb module and stereo width control
Remote control of various sonic parameters available via MIDI CC
Multitimbral operation, supporting up to 64 simultaneous instruments (subject to RAM availability), receiving up to 64 MIDI channels (16 in plug-in mode)
Kontakt Player 2 engine, supporting standalone operation as well as plug-in operation in all major hosts that support AudioUnits, VST, RTAS, or DXi plug-ins
Special upgrade pricing to the full version of Kontakt 2, which allows for fuller editing of the instruments
The onscreen interface allows for control over some of the most important aspects of the guitars’ sound.

The controls in the upper part of the interface offer access to audio outputs, MIDI channel input, polyphony, as well as standard solo, mute, tune, pan, and volume controls.

Below that is an interface specifically designed for and tailored to the Acoustic Legends HD library. The configuration of these knobs varies slightly from instrument to instrument. The top row offers an optimized EQ module allowing you to use a low and/or high shelf, as well as a mid control. A standard reverb module is also offered, with level and size controls to customize the sound, as is a stereo width knob.

Other knobs and displays vary by instrument. Instruments that utilize fret noise and release layers feature specific knobs, allowing you to control their levels or switch them off entirely. Chord banks offer a capo knob, giving you an instant virtual capo over your rhythm guitar playing. Chord banks that utilize keyswitching also feature an on-screen display (seen above) which show which chord layer is active at any given time.

Acoustic Legends HD may be used multitimbrally; multiple instruments can be loaded at once and sequenced either independently or simultaneously, depending on how the user sets up the MIDI channels.

The following guitars were sampled in Acoustic Legends HD:

Gibson J200
Gibson J45 Rosewood
Gibson L130
Hofner Nylon
Langejan Nylon
Lowden 025 Cedar Top
Martin D35
Martin DC1E
McPherson MG 4.5
Ode Style C Banjo
Taylor 914
Taylor 955 12-string
Taylor AB-3 Acoustic Bass
Vantage 12-string
A full patch list of all instruments and multis included in the Acoustic Legends HD library follows:

Chord Banks
Six Str Chords KSW
Six Str Chords KSW QL
Six Str Chords KSW VL
Six Str Diatonics
Six Str Diatonic A#
Six Str Diatonic A
Six Str Diatonic B
Six Str Diatonic C#
Six Str Diatonic C
Six Str Diatonic D#
Six Str Diatonic D
Six Str Diatonic E
Six Str Diatonic F#
Six Str Diatonic F
Six Str Diatonic G#
Six Str Diatonic G
Twelve Str Chords KSW
Twelve Str Chords KSW QL
Twelve Str Chords KSW VL
Twelve Str Diatonics
Twelve Str Diatonic A#
Twelve Str Diatonic A
Twelve Str Diatonic B
Twelve Str Diatonic C#
Twelve Str Diatonic C
Twelve Str Diatonic D#
Twelve Str Diatonic D
Twelve Str Diatonic E
Twelve Str Diatonic F#
Twelve Str Diatonic F
Twelve Str Diatonic G#
Twelve Str Diatonic G
Gibson J200 Hrm Chords
Gibson J200 Hrm Chords Dly
Gibson J200 Hrm Chords ***
Gibson J45RW Art Hrm
Gibson J45RW Art Hrm Delay
Gibson J45RW Art Hrm DTune
Gibson J45RW Art Hrm Flange
Gibson J45RW Art Hrm Phaser
Gibson L130 Harmonics
Gibson L130 Harmonics Chrs
Gibson L130 Harmonics DTune
Hofner Nylon Harmonics
Hofner Nylon Harmonics ***
Hofner Nylon Harmonics Trem
Gibson J45RW Muted
Gibson J45RW Muted Blunt
Gibson J45RW Muted Hvy Dly
Gibson J45RW Muted Short
Taylor 914 Muted
Taylor 914 Muted Distort
Taylor 914 Muted Double
Taylor 914 Muted Dulled
Taylor 955 12Str Muted
Taylor 955 12Str Muted Cho***
Taylor 955 12Str Muted Phsr
Vantage 12Str Muted
Vantage 12Str Muted Filt
Vantage 12Str Muted Radio
Vantage 12Str Muted Trem
Nylon String
Hofner Nylon
Hofner Nylon Chopped
Hofner Nylon Finger
Hofner Nylon Finger NR
Hofner Nylon Gentle
Hofner Nylon KSW
Hofner Nylon Nail
Hofner Nylon Nail NR
Hofner Nylon NR
Hofner Nylon QL
Hofner Nylon Thumb
Hofner Nylon Thumb NR
Langejan Nylon
Langejan Nylon Compress
Langejan Nylon Finger
Langejan Nylon Finger NR
Langejan Nylon Gentle
Langejan Nylon Nail
Langejan Nylon Nail NR
Langejan Nylon NR
Langejan Nylon QL
Langejan Nylon Thumb
Langejan Nylon Thumb NR
Langejan Nylon Tremolo
Steel String Finger Picked
Lowden 025 Finger
Lowden 025 Finger Chorus
Lowden 025 Finger Flanger
Lowden 025 Finger NR
Lowden 025 Finger QL
Martin D35 Finger
Martin D35 Finger Chorus
Martin D35 Finger Compr
Martin D35 Finger Delay
Martin D35 Finger Fuzz
Martin D35 Finger NR
Martin D35 Finger QL
Martin D35 Finger Radio
Steel String Picked
Gibson J200 Picked
Gibson J200 Picked Delay
Gibson J200 Picked Gentle
Gibson J200 Picked NR
Gibson J200 Picked QL
Gibson J45RW Picked
Gibson J45RW Picked Gentle
Gibson J45RW Picked NR
Gibson J45RW Picked Phaser
Gibson J45RW Picked QL
Gibson J45RW Picked Radio
Martin DC1E Picked
Martin DC1E Picked Compr
Martin DC1E Picked Gentle
Martin DC1E Picked NR
Martin DC1E Picked QL
McPherson MG45 Picked
McPherson MG45 Picked Gentle
McPherson MG45 Picked NR
McPherson MG45 Picked QL
Taylor 914 Picked
Taylor 914 Picked Flanger
Taylor 914 Picked Gentle
Taylor 914 Picked NR
Taylor 914 Picked QL
Taylor 914 Picked Short
Twelve String Picked
Taylor 955 12Str
Taylor 955 12Str Chorus
Taylor 955 12Str Gentle
Taylor 955 12Str NR
Taylor 955 12Str QL
Vantage 12Str
Vantage 12Str Delay
Vantage 12Str DTune
Vantage 12Str Gentle
Vantage 12Str NR
Vantage 12Str QL
Xtra Bonus Content
Acoustic Bass
Acoustic Bass NR
Acoustic Bass QL
Banjo Gentle
Banjo NR
Banjo QL
Banjo Tuned
Body Knocks 88
Fret Noise 88
Mandolin Chords
Mandolin Gentle
Mandolin NR
Mandolin QL
Mandolin Tremolo
Ukulele Chords
Ukulele Gentle
Ukulele NR
Ukulele QL
Ukulele Tuned
Xtra Special Effects
Badly Out
Bull in Metal Shop
Clavitar Arp
Crazy Ed
Day At the Races
Deep Sea Dive
Electrik Nylon
Empty Cathedral Pad
I in the Pie
If It Quacks Blip
K is Spacy
Lingua Aliena
Lost in Space
Lounge Swell
Magic Ambience
Metallic Impulse
Next Room Pad
Nothin But Pick
Nylon Waves
Octave Swim
Panned Stutter
Pick a Nylon Any Nylon
Pointed Quake
Primus Pithicus
Radio Friendly Trance
Random Pina
Shaker Sonority
Space Drift
Straight Lines to Nowhere
Sweet Double Filter
Synthin Arps
Tom Guitar Tom
Twelve Pik
Video Game Static
Vinyl in Concrete
Wind Bucket
Wood Attack

Acoustic Bass Octaves
Double Wide Nylon
Fifths of 12 Nylon
Future Nylon
J45RW Evolves
Magic Harmonics
Mandolin and Harmonics
Midnight Duo
Muted Fingers
Nylon Mandolin
One Finger Two Guitars
Six String Octaves
Trancey Nylon Harmonics
Triple Harmonic Octaves
Triple Harmonics
Triple Pick
Twelve String Halo
Uku-mando Chords
Warmer Harmonics


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