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我们很高兴推出Evolution Hollowbody Blues,它是经典半空心电吉他的忠实复制品。如果您熟悉B. B. King,弗雷迪·金,约翰·李·胡克(John Lee Hooker),查克·贝里(Chuck Berry)和埃里克·克拉普顿(Eric Clapton)等蓝调传奇人物,您将立即意识到这种永恒的吉他音色。精心录制了这把经典吉他的所有细微差别,并用单独的琴桥和琴颈拾音信号直接录制,以最大程度地提高音色的灵活性。

Evolution Hollowbody Blues在选择方向和多个动态层上都包含多个循环,以实现广泛的表达。这些规范涵盖诸如延音,手掌静音,尖叫声,自然和声等发音。该库还包括扩展的演奏技巧,例如连奏连贯性,以及效果,例如拍弦,刮奏,俯冲轰炸和品格噪音。该乐器的真实性和真实性必定会带您进入蓝调声音的心脏。

在开发Evolution Hollowbody Blues时,我们与犹他州最负盛名的录音室之一Rosewood Recording Company合作。 Rosewood Recording Company的所有者和录音工程师Guy Randle结合了模拟音频设备,巧妙地雕刻和强调了吉他丰富的音质。在采样会议上,Guy Randle与屡获殊荣的吉他手,国际演奏家以及爵士理论/即兴演奏家Rich Dixon合作。 Evolution Hollowbody Blues配备了我们的Evolution吉他引擎,可为您提供大量约会:创新的弹奏模式编辑器,自动和弦检测以及强大的效果引擎。该库包含许多出厂预设,可随时随地使用适合混音的经典和现代布鲁斯吉他音色。

We are excited to present Evolution Hollowbody Blues, a faithful reproduction of a classic semi-hollow electric guitar. If you’re familiar with blues legends like B. B. King, Freddie King, John Lee Hooker, Chuck Berry, and Eric Clapton, you’ll instantly recognize this timeless guitar tone. All the nuances of this classic guitar have been painstakingly captured, recorded directly with separate bridge and neck pickup signals for maximum tonal flexibility.

Evolution Hollowbody Blues includes multiple round-robin in both pick directions and three dynamic layers for a wide range of expression. These specifications cover articulations such as sustains, palm mutes, squeals, natural harmonics, and more. The library also includes extended performance techniques such as legato articulations and effects like string slaps, string scrapes, divebombs, and fret noises. The realism and authenticity of this instrument are sure to transport you to the heart of the blues sound.

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In developing Evolution Hollowbody Blues, we’ve teamed up with Rosewood Recording Company, one of Utah’s most venerable recording studios. Guy Randle, the owner and recording engineer at Rosewood Recording Company, incorporates analog audio equipment to skillfully sculpt and emphasize the rich tonal qualities of the guitar. For the sampling session, Guy Randle worked with Rich Dixon, an award-winning session guitarist, international performer, and jazz theory/improvisation educator. Evolution Hollowbody Blues is outfitted with our Evolution guitar engine which provides you with a wealth of appointments: an innovative strumming pattern editor, automatic chord detection, and a robust effects engine. The library includes many factory presets for ready-to-use classic and modern blues guitar tones that fit right into the mix.

Key Features:
– Built-in effects engine for instantly-usable blues guitar tones.
– Adjustable pick position using our proprietary physical modeling technology.
– Powerful mapping system that lets you set how you want to trigger articulations, using conditions such as velocity ranges, MIDI CCs, latching and non-latching keyswitches, and more.
– Multitracking up to quadruple tracking.

Sampling specifications:
– 13.4 GB (compressed to 4.51 GB using the lossless NCW audio format) of 24-bit samples.
– Articulations such as sustains, palm mutes, mutes, natural harmonics, plus special effects like string slaps, divebombs, and more.
– MIDI articulations for instant octaves, grace notes, buzz trills, whole-step slides, whole-step hammer-ons, and slides (velocity-based and tempo-synced).
– Legato samples for slides, hammer-ons, and pull-offs.
– The articulations have 3 dynamics, 2 pick directions (when applicable), and 2x round-robin.

Platform Version Kontakt Player 5.5.2 (free) 请使用 KONTAKT 5.5.2 或更高版本打开

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